How to select the right Service for your needs!

  • NsoromaGPS Tracking Service is web-based and can be accessed with a any device that can browse the internet. Tracking is for security and productivity and we make available 4 service types for our customers to choose from.


  • The information gathered by the GPS tracker is done in real time and is sent in packets to our database. As a standard, NsoromaGPS uses per minute tracking which has been found to be satisfactory for most clients. This data can be relayed to our database through a number of channels which include cellular and satellite communication.


  • The quality of our database and user account interface is the cornerstone of our service and one of direct importance to any customer. Once the data from the tracker is transmitted via internet, our database obtains and processes the information for viewing in several formats.

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1. Sleeper Servicei) This service is ideal for lien vehicles as well as private car owners with privacy concerns.ii) It basically involves the tracker being put in a sleep mode although the current day’s activity can still be viewed as an option.iii) For this and all other services being offered, the tracker will be monitored and health messages such as tamper alerts, SIM card failures and power losses will be sent to client for vehicle to be made available.

3. Sleeper Servicei) Suitable for companies with Small to Large Fleet.ii) This is service basically contains all the features of the Basic, plus provides a variety of different types of interactive maps, reports and alerts.iii) You can refer to the Service Types Comparison Table for further details. 

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2. Basic Servicei) This service type is ideal for vehicle owners that are just interested in the location of their vehicles.ii) The Basic service includes all the features of the Sleeper and customers are able to do a history on their vehicles to know all past activities.iii) SMS & E-mail alerting arealso available for a variety of features e.g speeding, geo-fencing and unauthorized use.


4. Premium Servicei) For companies with usually Large Fleets or for customers who require customization.ii) This is a fully packed service that contains all the features.iii) NsoromaGPS uses the Premium with our installation demo offer. iv) This feature comes along with special Customized Monthly Report.

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