The NsoromaGPS Tracking System is Web-based, highly User-Friendly and can be accessed anywhere in the world (World-Wide Access), even with the use of a smartphone or PDA once you have your logging credentials.


Some of our distinguishing technical features include:

Live Tracking

With a variety of interactive maps and tools with which users can track the activity of their vehicle by the minute. The provision of full-interactive maps, such as Street, Satellite and Hybrid as well as zoom in and out. Not to mention additional feature that lets you view the live activity progress of vehicles via in-built time-line graphs!


Control Panel

The Admin (Control Panel) contains all the settings and administrative functions that a user can control. From necessary parameters to controlling your account, creation of multiple users & restriction enforcement to vehicle details and inventory management among others. This helps you manage your entire account.




Geo-Fencing which involves the build-up of virtual fences for monitoring. This feature allows users to create special fences such as Points of Interests (POIs), No-Go-Zones and custom Geo-fences to help monitor movement of vehicles and assets in and out of these defined areas. It furthermore adds more detail to reports and enhances notification coupled with our

E-mailing and SMS alerts.




The Report System shows available report categories as well as the report scheduler. Within each category is a range of reports that can be accessed by clicking on the category name. Reports are delivered to users via E-mail.

Example: A user can run a report to know the progress of vehicles for a particular period. This helps users to know keep better track of their assets.








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A History search, also available to recall past activities of vehicles backed by full visual records. It displays the asset/vehicle’s past trips or journeys by listing them on the screen as well as on the map. This enables users to be able turn back the clock on vehicle’s activities, in turn making this feature a very powerful tool.



Driver Feedback

The Driver Feedback Program which enables communication & management of drivers. This feature allows users

to connect with drivers via the Driver Messaging ability, where contact details of drivers are recorded from which users can communicate via SMS to their drivers. This gives users the ability to be in touch with their drivers whatever the location and time.




The Dashboard provides a graphical summary of the fleet activities in the current day and also over a specified period of time, similar to the History but rather makes use of graphs and charts for analytical purposes. It is always ideal to view dashboard summary at the

end of the day when all vehicles would have ended their activity for the current day.







The Alert System shows all

the available alert categories. Within each category is a

range of alerts that can be accessed by clicking on the category name.

Example: A user can receive an alert via E-Mail or SMS when a vehicle is driving within an authorized period once an alert has been set under unauthorized used category. This helps users

to be notified of any issues pertaining their assets.








The Dispatch System of our platform provides users with the functionality of setting-up a number of stops and schedule a dispatch(s) for a selected number of vehicles for a given period after which reports and alerts can be generated to analyze the dispatch progress via a visual planner.

This feature enables users to find out if planned visits, deliveries, extractions, etc have been executed accordingly.




Our platform is very user-friendly, comprehensive and portable on an device that can access the Internet with pointers and interactivity.

Our system is very versatile and integrable with a variety of platforms such as Google Earth not to mention Import and Export of organized data into the tracking system as well as a wide variety of tracker integration.







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