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We can help you maximize your investment specifically to meet the challenges of your business – environmental, safety, fuel management, reporting – and we give you all the answers you need to sell it up (and down) the line. Nsoroma offers you all the fleet manager tools you’ll need from GPS industry white papers to return on investment (ROI) calculators.

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What are the Benefits?

You might be asking yourself what the benefits of GPS tracking systems are for you as a business owner as well as the obvious advantages for your dispatching or fleet management staff. The implementation of a GPS tracking system has a variety of features that have a great effect on the productivity and security of almost every



Any business such as a farm, haulage or construction company that has a fleet of vehicles would benefit from the installation of GPS tracking devices.  These benefits extend well beyond road vehicles such as passengers cars and trucks to tractors, excavators, boats, cranes and power generators. Once installed the device sends real time information about the operation of vehicles including ignition status, door and hatch openings, harsh braking and acceleration, stops etc. Basically the status of almost anything that can be switched on or off could be sent to a server which collects and stores the data. The data empowers clients in two main ways:


  • It provides a real time dashboard of how your assets and personnel are performing in the field.
  • Through analysis of historical information it provides a clear picture of key performance indicators.



When your assets are in other people’s hands you can’t take chances. Nsoroma’s vehicle tracking system comes with an extensive system of alerts which can simultaneously keep tracking of your productivity and security by providing checks on activities such as:


  • Over-Speeding
  • Unauthorized Use
  • Dangerous Driving
  • Deviation from pre-assigned Routes
  • Entry into pre-set No-go zones


With tracking devices installed, vehicles can be rapidly located and recovered, often within minutes of the theft. In addition, the starter can be enabled or disabled depending on the situation. GPS technology has unlimited benefits and uses. No matter how small or large, a company you have, Nsoroma can improve your bottom line and bring peace of mind. Contact us for a free demonstration.



Real Time Tracking with Interactive Maps!

Measure Your Performance!

How do you know if your drivers are underutilized? Are they working a full eight hour day for eight hours pay? Nsoroma keeps your fleet at work, which means more jobs and more revenue!


Optimizing fleet performance requires measurement tools

Nsoroma provides detailed Daily Summary Reports that offer a high-level overview of your fleet’s activity for the day, week, month, or year.


No more excuses, just the facts!

With Nsoroma, your employees’ productivity will increase because employees now know that Nsoroma’s fleet management system will inform you of exactly where their vehicles have been, when they arrived, and how long they have been there.


Quantifying drive times helps employers to supervise their fleets and employees to stay focused, motivated, and responsible.


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Get Real-Time Alerts & Reports!

Cloud Computing!

Nsoroma helps you gain supervisory control with its real-time alerts. It allows you to enter business rules and receive notifications of violations so you can control your business without spending a lot of time poring over reports or clicking on maps.


Set up alerts for vehicle, fleet, driver or teams and be notified only when exceptions to your defined rules occur. Alerts  have many attractive features such as:


  • Ability to monitor key service delivery indicators such as deviations from pre-assigned routes,  Point of interest visits, temperature variations and important dates.
  • Ability to monitor security violations such as tampering with the GPS device, entry into a no-go-zone, aggressive driving  and unauthorized use to name a few.


We also provide special Customized Monthly Reports to add more value to service and functionality to boost up productivity.

At Nsoroma, we’re committed to making sure that you can use our GPS fleet tracking application with minimal disruption in service. This implies the peace of mind that comes from our superior data security and uncompromising reliability. We have an enviable track record of high availability which is underwritten by a cloud computing approach boasting several benefits:


  • Stolen computer ? Relax. Your data is secured in the cloud.
  • Power outage ? No problem. Our servers are up 99.9% of the time and will almost certainly collect all you data.
  • Can’t make it to the office ? Login using a smartphone or laptop from anywhere in the world.  No special software required. All you need is a web browser.
  • Can’t keep your eyes on the computer at all times ? Rely on our alert system to monitor productivity and security of your investments.
  • Spare your company expensive IT investments and focus on what you do best.


Because our servers are always up, your data is always collected and your alerts are reliably transmitted. You are secured from local disruptions.


Pride in Service!

Nsoroma, the Partner of Choice

At Nsoroma our mission is to reinforce our position as a premium provider of Location-Based-Services to businesses across Ghana. Nsoroma’s  scalable, Software as a Service (“SaaS”) platform helps enterprises, business owners and fleet managers optimize business operations and manage their dispersed workforce effectively through GPS technology.


Nsoroma’s solutions enable companies to maximize the efficiency of their mobile assets through industry-leading tracking applications, allowing both mobile and office-based staff to streamline operations, maximize productivity and minimize fuel and staffing costs.


When large organizations make a decision to deploy solutions in Mobile Resource Management, several key features consistently make Nsoroma the partner of choice.


  • Our Proven Enterprise solutions and methods  support rapid or incremental large-scale deployments with minimum impact on day-to-day business operations.
  • Technological superiority and leadership that drives company profitability by reducing operating and maintenance costs and improving fleet productivity and safety.
  • A highly scalable, secure, configurable, reliable and versatile platform
  • Nsoroma’s hardware versatility allows customers to use any number of certified GPS-based devices ranging from hard-mounted installed units in vehicles, to laptops and hand-helds.
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Measure your Performance
Real Time Tracking with Interactive Maps
Get Real-Time Alerts & Reports
Cloud Computing
Pride In Service
What are the Benefits: Productivity & Security

Nsoroma Fleet management provides per minute tracking incorporated with rich and detailed maps for quick decision making. Nsoroma’s live page allows fleet managers to see different groups of vehicles on one screen at a time and drill down to activity of a single vehicle.


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