Who are we?

NsoromaGPS is a vehicle tracking & fleet management service founded in 2007 & has quickly risen to be recognized as the Premier Tracking Service in the region providing monitoring service for vehicles & heavy machinery in a wide array of industries.


Additionally, Nsoroma won the UN-based World summit Award in E- Business & Commerce in June, 2011 of which it was 1 of only 2 African companies that were included in the 46 winners spread across 8 competitive categories.


At Nsoroma our mission is to reinforce our position as a premium provider of Location-Based-Services to businesses across Ghana. Nsoroma’s scalable, Software as a Service (“SaaS”) platform helps enterprises, business owners and fleet managers optimize business operations and manage their dispersed workforce effectively through GPS technology.


Nsoroma’s solutions enable companies to maximize the efficiency of their mobile assets through industry-leading tracking applications, allowing both mobile and office-based staff to streamline operations, maximize productivity and minimize fuel and staffing costs.




We employ the applications of GPS technology, Telemetry and the Internet to deploy our service which involves data being gathered by the GPS tracker

in real-time and transmitted in packets to our database via cellular and satellite communication where the information can later be viewed in several formats after processing.



What do we have to offer?

With Nsoroma, individuals or businesses can keep track of mobile assets and vehicles 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year with tools such as SMS alerts, remotely disabling a vehicle and an on-board panic button. Apart from hardware discretely installed in the vehicle the only requirement is computer or smart phone with a web browser. By employing detailed digital maps of Ghana and its environs, our tracking system allows companies to maintain a constant watch over remote workers, providing not only the current location of all their drivers, but also the full travel history. When combined with the detailed reports showing en route visits, idling times, stops, speeding and driving hours/distances, a business is provided empowering clarity which lead directly to:


-Increased operational efficiency leading to huge cost benefits

-Huge reductions in operational risks

-Availability of clear actionable business intelligence

-Significant savings in fuel

-Improved customer service

-Greater return on investment

What do we do?

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